Our Legacy

Emerald Ventures was established when Dr Jyothi, the Founder, envisioned the future of wealth creation. The company was started with a paid-up capital of Rs.10 Lakhs and promoted by key people who are still in the company helping its customers become wealthy.


Today Emerald Ventures is India’s leading wealth creation company with over 10,000 customers. It focuses on building lasting relationships with customers by providing financial security and holistic solutions.


Starting with the primary objective of wealth management for high net worth individuals, the company has today grown into one of the most trusted financial partners for many. It has depositors across Karnataka who have earned more than their investments.


Today, Emerald Ventures has a diversified presence in Gold, Real Estate, General Finance and a wide array of financial services and products.

Dr. Jyothi J.U

Dr. Jyothi J.U is our founder and hails from Shimoga. She has a rich experience for 10+ years in the hospitality industry. Coming from a humble family she came to Bangalore in search of a job at the age of 21. She has steered through all the hurdles to become a successful professional.



Dr. Jyothi has an insatiable thirst for social service and wants to be a part of it in a big way. She is also currently the president of Divyajoythi Seva Trust.



Awards: The Academy of Global Peace, USA has conferred the prestigious honorary doctorate in 2017 as a mark of recognition for her impact based programs.

Company’s Vision

With more than 15 years of service, we strive to be the most respected company that helps people increase their wealth.

Company’s Mission

To create wealth for all customers, big and small, in keeping with the ethos of the Company.

Our Value Statement

Our goal is to help people increase their wealth in a way that is timely, safe and profitable.

Emerald Ventures
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